Hello, I’m Charlie. I’m from Dublin, Ireland, and I live and work in Bordeaux, France. I’m a freelance consultant in wine marketing and communication.

Why wine marketing?

I’m passionate about wine. I’ve worked in the wine industry since 2012 when I (accidentally) fell in love with wine.

Having just graduated with a degree in Humanities, I embarked on a rather traditional job hunt. Though researching Irish drinking culture in James Joyce’s Ulysses was all very rewarding, there wasn’t much need for a literary-minded booze enthusiast in Dublin at the time.

Instead, I took a promotion at my existing job and, as it happened, found myself managing a supermarket wine department. Joyce’s characters were more into pubs than wine bars, but, then, so was I. For me, it was less Smith Haut Laffite and more Smithwicks. I was a natural fit. One thing led to another, and what should have been a stopgap actually kick-started a career of passion (and moderate drinking).

I got into marketing more by design. I had decided to go back to college for some postgraduate studies and simply needed to figure out a discipline. After various meetings with friends and family – some of which took place in pubs -marketing felt like the way to go, and that was that. I found a conversion program for non-business graduates, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management & Marketing.

Why Bordeaux?

We don’t make much wine back home. There is some Irish wine, believe it or not, but not a lot. The Irish wine business felt very small, too. Feeling ambitious but a little constrained, I moved to Bordeaux in 2015 to immerse myself into the world’s wine capital.

Here, I completed an MBA in Wine Marketing & Management, and spent a pretty glorious six months’ internship at one of Bordeaux’s finest wineries, working with the export, communication and hospitality teams.

Bordeaux is just a much nicer place than I’d anticipated. The people are friendly, the city is charming, the food is delicious and the wine is what brought me here in the first place. My studies and work came to an end all too quickly, and when it came time to leave, I just stayed instead.

I like to tell wine stories. I’m still working on mine, and Bordeaux is still a big part of it.

Wine marketing and communication in Bordeaux

My strengths lie in wine marketing and communication, and I’m very happy to call that my full-time job.

As a consultant in marketing and communication for wine, I help wine companies to tell stories and develop content that speaks to their customers. My services include wine content marketing, wine brand development and wine copywriting. If you’d like to work with me, send me an email or let’s connect on LinkedIn.